Berlin Online Event with Speakers & More January 29th @ 5PM

Join your fellows online at 5PM until 10PM on January 29th for an evening of speakers, an auction, trivia and more. This is the 2nd online event organised by EURYPAA that includes fundraising for the European Young People’s AA Convention this summer. The first event was a huge success in terms of how much fun, experience, strength, hope and donations we had. Please share this event freely with fellows on any continent of your choosing 🙂

What we will do: hear five speakers, an online quiz show, and an auction with lots of cool things including art from fellows. It was incredibly inspiring for me to see the powerful work we create in recovery at our last online event in November. So please come to hear our amazing speakers and feel the energy of service and recovery, but please stay for the hilarious quiz questions and enjoy seeing a small slice of the art of sobriety + creativity in Berlin.

As always, we want you and not your money. If you would like to donate, the proceeds will go towards the convention this summer. And in case you are like me and came into AA way after your twenties, please know that all of us are welcome at the convention and any events the EURYPAA committees hold––this is spoken from my own experience 🙂