7th Tradition

Even at present when the majority of our regular meetings are not meeting physically, please consider that our Intergroup continues to have expenses, including the online zoom meetings now available for the entire Fellowship.

In order for us to remain fully self-supporting through our own contributions, please give freely of what you can by making a donation to the following account.

As always, remember that we need YOU more than we need your money.

If you wish you can donate via SEPA or PayPal.

PayPal unavailable

Due to PayPal’s shutting down MoneyPools by 30th September we have ceased our donation pool. Our current only option would be are personal account without separation of funds – And obviously that is just not manageable 😪 any more.

Account holder:
Freunde Bill Wilsons e.V.
DE11 1009 0000 2644 1530 05
Personal 7th OR Group Donation

Our treasurer’s official Intergroup donation pool

(An older version of this page specified dgjb…@… as a recipient before, but we ask you to use the above link instead going forward.)