Newsletter preview

Following is the basic preview of our newsletter. Links will work when it is published.

Currently this is a work in progress by Alex H and Julian O, and interest / support is needed to roll it out. I hope this basic design is enough to inspire you! Here are some features we would like to build out / add. If you are interested in helping with any of these, have your own ideas, are a UX/UI designer and are facepalming yourself right now, please reach out to Julian.O at following the principle that “together we can”✌️

– ESH stories from our fellowship
– officer’s messages: snippets differing from our reports
– details about works-in-progress such as conventions
– YPAA stories, events, ESH
– how AA Berlin Intergroup supports our meetings
– reflections from visitors
– reflections on traditions
– tips for visitors to Berlin + contacts
– snippets from our 90s AA Berlin newsletter (archived by a fellow)
– stories from the history of Berlin AA
– some statistics / fun facts about emails & calls received

The purpose of the newsletter is to provide useful info at a glance and unity in our fellowship.

Please freely share this link, which will be added to our news feed.