Noon Speaker / Topic from any AA literature K.I.S., Schönholzer Str. Schönholzer Str. 10 Pankow Closed, English, Join Online, No Dogs Allowed, No Wheelchair Access, Speaker, Topic
7:30 PM Speaker, Topic Alvenslebenstraße 25 Alvenslebenstraße 25 Schöneberg Closed, English, Join Online, Speaker
7:30 PM The Queer Step Circus Circus Schatzinsel May-Ayim-Ufer 4 Kreuzberg Birthday, English, LGBTQI+, Open, Speaker, Step Meeting
8:00 PM Prime Time is Now, Solution / Treating the "ism", Speaker / Discussion K.I.S., Schönholzer Str. Schönholzer Str. 10 Pankow Discussion, English, Join Online, Open, Speaker
9:30 PM Online Literature/Speaker Meeting (Tuesday) ONLINE ONLY! Märchenbrunnen, Am Friedrichshain, 10249 Berlin, Germany Märchenbrunnen Friedrichshain English, Join Online, Literature, Open, Speaker