Meeting in Person Again – A Note from the Weinmeisterstr. Meetings

The Monday in the Mitte and Wednesday Gratitude meetings in Mitte will be reopening this coming Monday, 7th July.

We will be hosting a list of all attending persons (which we will promptly seal, to keep with our goal of anonymity) and we will also be following the social distancing regulations as set forth by the Bundesregierung.

At this time we are looking for four people to take the service position of taking names; two persons for Monday and the other two for Wednesday.

The school is allowing us to use the big mezzanine hall on the first floor while their summer break is underway, which should be accommodating for a large number of us. In the case that we are too many in number, we will call for an overflow meeting.

This effectively will be a test run for the meeting, as we are unsure what will happen when school is back in session.

While we are back in the space, the Zoom meetings will unfortunately be put on hold.