Has your Meeting completed its Pink Form?

All AA Meetings of the English-speaking fellowship in Berlin that form part of AA Great Britain should complete a registration form – known as the “Pink Form” from when it was printed on paper – on a yearly basis. This ensures that AA has the most up to date details for your Meeting, and also…

New Dial-In Numbers for Germany

Members noticed that the phone numbers for dialling in via phone have changed:The German phone number ending in a “…5800” is no longer usable! Please see our updated Help page for a current list. And as always you can check the official Zoom List for more numbers, if you are calling from another Country.

AA Winter Roundup, December 25

AA Winter Roundup, December 25

AA Winter Roundup, December 25 1pm to midnightwith meetings, workshops, fellowshiphosted by queer AA KubizBernkasteler Str. 7813088 Berlin 2G+ rule:recovered or vaccinated plus a negative test of the current day…