June 7th, 2020 – CER Assembly Report

CER report to Berlin Intergroup – online assembly, june 7th 2020

Assembly was attended by 31 voting members from the Central European Region plus guests.


Reserve Fund Letter from GSO
Report chair on assembly opening
Treasurer report 2
nd quarter 2020
Trustees report
Delegates report
RECLO report
Other reports and topics

Reserve Fund Letter from GSO

Like any other business or organizations, AA has felt the economic impact of the global health crisis. As a result, due to steep declines over the past two months in revenue from group contributions and literature sales, management and the boards have increased our focus on costs and expenses of office operations.

On April 22nd, the General Service Office made a request to the Trustees’ Finance and Budgetary Committee and its chair, Leslie Backus, for an emergency drawdown of $3 million from the Reserve Fund. On Thursday, April 30, the General Service Board approved the $3 million Reserve Fund drawdown.

Report chair on assembly opening

Groups all over Europe were reported to have done a great job of handling the challenging Corona situation by switching to online-meetings and tackling zoombombers. Big thanks were expressed to all ongoing efforts. Closer colaboration between secretary, RECLO and coordination team is intended.

wareness on annual conference cycle and answering of confernece questions shall be raised. Future options of hybrid meetings (f2f-zoom), especially for remote areas, is eligible to come out stronger and more useful to those in need.

Treasurer report 2nd quarter 2020

2020 2nd quarter start: 22.236
2020 2nd quarter end: 31.950

New treasurer: Ron

CER 2020 YTD Actual vs Budget

Higher ammount of contributions to be expected but forecast is difficult due to the challenging and unpredictable health crisis situation with its restrictions.

Trustees report

Carrying of the message did not stop in Corona times but contributions to GSO GB is currently low, though there was a little bumb in the 4th quarter. GSO is not into prudent reserve yet but considers selling part of their investment port-folio and it is generally advised to reduce running costs. Support from IG`s is highly appreciated.

Electronic communications groups were extremely busy and did a great job.

Explainations on different service structures in USA, Canada and GB. The conference is planned to take place end of october – beginning of september but it is CER report to Berlin Intergroup – online assembly, june 7th 2020 not yet decided whether the conference will be online or f2f. Deadline for questions is august 31st.

Delegates report

Conference usually taking place in april was postpones this year, one out of six delegates represents us. Webinars to obtain feedback with deligates is possible and highly recommended. One to one with delegates as well.

RECLO report

CER switched from skype to zoom which works fine, cost are at 279 EUR p.a. Visitors to website quadrupled since Corona and all meeting lists are updated. There is lots of shared experience betwen ArenA and RECLO. ArenA encourages active participation by writing articles. Around 79 % of visitors come from outside EU.

Invented new website design with contact form to regional officers directly. Tried workplace (app run by facebook) for sharing documents. Currently over 1000 meetings listed at CER.

Asked if calls could be forward to berlin hotline!

Other reports and topics

PI Officer report

Not sure what to do with PI budget since everything was planned out already and meetings then moved online. Intends to make information more transparent (on free literature for example) and to empower people to do their best in their regions.

Mentions fb ads and google ads and how advertisement may play into the traditions.

Literature links on homepage are hard to find in AA GB.

HLO report

Position is open and will be voted on at next CER assembly. There is an open fee for the attendance at a health conference, obviously the former HLO who has now officially stepped down made a contract with the health service provider but never transfered the money he was been given by CER.

In this matter CER decided to:
✓ reimburse the conference organization.
✓ inform former HLO about that, remind him that it is neither his nor our money, but AA donations
✓ steering Committee will write the letter.

F2F meeting of CER

It is not sure weather next f2f meeting september in brussels is possible due to corona restrictions, proposed and decided to move f2f to first week of december 2020 and do online-meeting on september 13th. Assembly location is Brussels, Düsseldorf was not available.

YPLO Report

all intergroups are asked to vote in an YPLO, especially Berlin and potentially start YPAA meetings.

august 1st 2020 EURYPAA:
CER+YPAA+PI -> online

Other Topics:

CERES Board Report

✓ Discussion to move the association from Germany to Switzerland, was presented to steering committe in april, changes have been made and legal document is uploaded.
Next step: swiss bank hast to be found but german bank account cannot be cancelled soon, so there will be two bank accounts for at least one year.
✓ there will be a working group about how to continue „post corona”, anyone who is interested to join please contact Matt (RECLO).

Secular AA:

✓ there are currently five AA meetings labeled as secular and a secular website is in discussion. It was discussed if those meetings should be removed from the meeting list but since they are a regular part of AA and to keep the spirit of unity, they remain listed.