July, 26th 2020 – Intergroup Meeting Minutes

Berlin IG Meeting Minutes 26.07.2020

Roxxi GSR Sat LGBTQI/ Reg Rep votes
Soeren ECLO, votes
Sam GSR Weimar group votes
Cyril PI Officer votes
Wolf Secretary votes
Tim vice chair votes
Phil Region Rep votes
Frank Literature votes
Cam Treasurer votes
Cameron GSR Thur LGBTQI votes
Bea German Liaison votes
Aaron GSR Central Experience Literature votes
Greg Chip Coordinator votes
Tex GSR Fri night chip meeting votes
Adam GSR Tuesday votes
Ty Lepzig Coordinator votes
Lean GSR Monday Non-binary/Trans meeting votes
Katharina GSR Monday/Wednesday Mitte Gratitude votes
Emmi GSR Sun Meditation/ helpline officer votes
Stuart GSR Secret Meeting Tuesday votes
Särah GSR Boxh. Big Book surprise votes
Rafa IG chair/ GSR Wednesday Morning Meditation no vote

Minutes of last meeting approved unanimously

Intergroup Officers’ Reports

Chair (Rafa):

Happy to be of service. A lot has happened, some f2f meetings are back on
and some still on zoom, some new meetings at places that allow meeting under current
regulations also. IG is happy to support the groups how we can, welcome to the new GSR
Sam from Weimar!

Secretary (Wolf):

Happy to be of service. Getting emails from groups with a variety of
requests and trying to be of service as best as possible.

Treasurer (Cam G.):

Hi everyone, my name is Cam G and I’m your alcoholic treasurer for Intergroup. Here is my
treasurer’s report for the 2nd quarter of 2020 .

We’ve had a healthy, yet relatively flat quarter. We started with 6,096.26€ on April 1st. A total of
3,108.50€ came into the account, several of which were group donations but the majority were
individuals. Thank you all for your contributions and helping our Intergroup remain

This quarter we spent – 2,544.50€. A third of that money went to large literature orders placed at
GSO UK. Approximately one half paid for Zoom accounts, and the remainder paid for the
outgoing hotline and the app/service replacing this hotline.

As of Thursday, July 23rd, our total balance is 6,377.18€, leaving us with 4,127.18€ over our
prudent reserve which is still set at 2,250€ .

I realise that this isn’t a savings account, but I would like to bring to your attention the fact that
the account essentially grew this quarter by 539€ after all outgoings were paid. The
contributions to the temporary PayPal account have not been transferred this quarter (now Q3)
so this number may differ a little bit, but please bear this in mind when thinking of new ways to
reach out and grow our fellowship.

I also did not include the 30€ sitting in the IG AA Moneypool which I set up and is ready for
proper review (and or discussion).

Lastly, a superfluous bank account from Weinmeister Straße was closed and an amount for the
outstanding fees charged to our IG main account. Please inform me before closing bank
accounts. Support is available for groups who are in hardship.

If you have any specific questions regarding your groups contributions or finances, please reach
me at treasurer.berlin@aamail.org. If you would like to make any 7th coin deposits on behalf of
your group into the IG bank account, please also email me to set up an appointment.

Motion to accept report, carries unanimously

Literature (Frank):

Big shipment from York was received about 700 GBP worth. Delivery
Britain-Continent seems to be working just fine as of now in spite of Brexit. Now there is a
big amount available for the fellowship. There were some individual book sales during
corona time (20 books in total). Happy to receive bigger literature requests from the
fellowship, please all feel free to communicate Frank as our literature officer to your groups
and pass along his contact.


Just paid for current 6 month period (17.51 Euro) of the website. Google account
will be usable for free for another six months also. Then it will be 30€ for 6 months. So we
are all in the green for now there. Website is going well.

Online Meeting Coordiantor (Jackson):

no report in absence

PI Officer:

Not much to report. Hotline is a big topic. Facebook campaign is being
discussed, especially anonymity aspect of it. Two people contacted PI officer (Journalist
(afp)/ webcast). Journalist wrote an article absolutely respecting our traditions.

This is the article:

Region Reps (Katharina, Phillip, Roxxi):

Find written report attached.

Chip Coordinator:

Full stock of chips, happy to sell chips to individuals but will also keep
chips for when meetings are back on.

German Liasion (Bea):

German AA sent out a questionnaire about moving the clubhouse
to Mitte in 2021. Do we want to join German AA in a shared space? There is a clubhouse
currently which costs a fortune but cannot effectively be used as it is too small. German
AA was helpful by offering a hygiene plan which was adapted by some groups, it is
bilingual and accessible through IG. There was a discussion that available positions in
German IG should be announced at least three months before the election, so not only
German IG insiders will be able to take these positions.

Hotline Coordinator(Emilia):

Doing better and better. Some unsettling phone calls,
violence in the background. As a response now there is a document with information about
other help resources for different cases. Document is attached to the report. Emilia
supports to use money to face lift the website before donating to region or Yorck. Call for
volunteers for the hotline, please all GSRs take it back to your groups, this is an important
Service position and anyone with a smartphone can participate with an easy to use app.

Leipzig Coordiantor (Ty):

Still happening on zoom so no real trip but support from Berlin
by attending online.

GSR Reports

GSR Monday/Wednesday Mitte Gratitude (Katharina):
Early July they started to have f2f meetings again. Service positions available. Decision
against hybrid online/f2f meetings. 10-15 people per meeting. Dependent on school to
continue do f2f meetings. Max capacity for 40-50 people.

GSR for Sat LGBTQI Meeting (Roxxi): All positions voted in new. All is online and there
is a discussion to return to f2f meetings. No recent treasurer report, but we always post IG
account in zoom meetings.

GSR Sunday Meditation (Emilia): All going well, back to f2f meetings. 15-20 people. No
problem with capacity due to terrace. New service positions created due to health

GSR Trans Non-Binary Inter Meeting (Lean): Back to hybrid meeting format ten
attendees on site ten calling in.

GSR Thursday LGBTQI Meeting (Cameron): Meeting still on zoom, no 7th Tradition has
been collected as attendants send it directly to IG.

GSR Saturday 10 am Meditation Meeting (Rob): Group has money problems
GSR Friday Night Chip Meeting (Tex): Nothing to report.

GSR Secret Meeting (Stuart): Finances are healthy. The Group has continued to pay rent
to the American Church during lockdown, and this has been covered from the Group’s
reserves. The Group has resumed in-person meetings. There is a hygiene plan in place,
and the landlord has made the necessary arrangements around distancing and seating.
The Group tried to run a Zoom link to the physical meeting, but this was impractical, and
the Group is now not running Zoom meetings, and does not need its Zoom host (if it needs
to be recycled).

GSR Jena (Sam): Zoom until 3 weeks ago, now back to f2f. Hoping to do hybrid meetings.
Small group of 7-9 meeting. Donation to IG has been made.

GSR Tuesday Prime Time (Adam): Group conscience to stay online. Big surge in
attendance from 7-30 people in the beginning. Now fewer again. Local and international
speakers. Things are going well.

GSR central experience literature (Aaron): Still meeting online, won’t move f2f soon.
Low attendance but all going well.

GSR boxh. Big Book surprise (Särah): Still online as they don’t want to send people
away due to max capacity of the room. Rent is being negotiated.

Old Business (tabled at last meeting)

  1. Paypal account for Berlin IG
    • Cam took over the temporary IG PayPal account. Cam would like to have a more
    formal presence there so people don’t get confused. In the future there might be
    needed ID that could cause problems. Cam made a money pool which he is
    managing with his own PayPal account. It is set up and ready for review. Proposal to
    replace current account with what Cam set up.
    • Motion to move on to the money pool solution with its own proper anonymous paypal
    link which can be posted anywhere as a possible mid term solution as any future
    treasurer could set up a pool easily. In the meantime our treasurer Cam G is looking
    into how to create a more permanent PayPal account for IG through either a credit
    card or another permanent additional bank account through the Verein. Motion
    passes unanimously.
  2. AA FB ads campaigns in order to inform about our website and our Hotline. For
    that, PI Officer would like to make a motion to have 200 EUR budget for the next 3
    months in order to start doing this.
    • PI committee wants to only have a banner without any facebook tracking tools for
    tracking (links etc.) with the hotline number, not the website, campaign would only be
    seen in the Berlin area.
    • Motion to finance the PI facebook banner campaign with 200€ for the next three
    months. Motion carries with one opposed one abstention.
  3. Website updates:
    • Logo: ECLO suggest that our name is just too wasteful with the space on the
    website, and we could really need it for a more prominent infoline teaser now.
    There are already some ideas for making it discernible as our own, but ECLO
    would enlist Ema‘s (she’s a designer by trade) help for making it palatable. One
    example that shows it is being done (and it does not even stay close to the AA
    logo) is NY
    • Motion to create a committee consisting of Hotline officers other PI officers and
    ECLO to update website and create a proposal for that purpose for next IG meeting
    to approve. Motion carries unanimously.
    New Business
    Had to be tabled
    Tabled Business:
  4. New steering committee (current SC includes Chair, vice chair, secretary, ECLO, no
  5. Possibility of having a clubhouse. Item tabled until in-person meetings resume.
  6. Report by committee responsible to create description for IG service positions
  7. Discussion about safeguarding: reports of sexual harassment and assaults.
  8. IG has been requested to discuss the topic with the goal of raising awareness within
    the Berlin fellowship and potentially offer guidance on how members can protect
    themselves and what to do when they happen. A workshop on the topic at the next
    Berlin convention is one of the ideas.
  9. Participation on conference questions: Berlin specificaly has been asked by CER to
    participate more in the conference questions process. We’ve also been offered to
    have a workshop with one delegate (online) to go through the questions.
  10. Creation of Young Persons’ Liaison Officer position: Berlin has been asked by CER
    to consider creating a YPLO position again.
  11. Will IG continue to manage and finance zoom as a structure for the groups?
  12. Make budget for chips coordinator, so they don’t use their own money to purchase.
    10.CER asks IGs and Groups to appoint archivists and/or contacts on archives.
    Currently there is only one Intergroup that supports the archives. There is not much
    effort included e.g. sending minutes of meetings.