COVID-19: Online Meetings, Temporary Closures, and AA Guidance

Updated 20:20, March 30th, 2020 (This post is being updated somewhat regularly)

  • 20:00, April 4th, Website Update: Due to distressing recent developments, we have had to protect all our meetings with passwords that as always you can freely get from us.
  • 22:20, March 30th, Website Update: Next to our online meeting links, you can now also find each meeting’s zoom id # with which to dial-in via phone.
  • 12:40, March 19th, Website Update: We updated the link to the regular 1:00pm Big Book Study online meeting
  • 10:30, March 19th, Website Update: Online-Enabled meetings that you can join remotely are now marked with a “headphones” icon in most places on the website.
  • 10:30, March 19th, Website Update: Links to online meetings will now be disabled while the respective meeting is not taking place, +- 30min. (We hope this does not inconvenience you all too much. It is merely to prevent accidental starts of sessions outside of their time slot.)
  • 17:25, March 16th: Guidance from our service bodies and Berlin authorities

Call us! We can help.

If you want to talk to one of us, get to know more about our meetings or if you need help joining one of our online meetings, call us anytime daily between 8am and 10pm. We’ll do our best to answer your call.
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You can find more details on our Help Page.

Before you Visit

Before visiting a meeting in person please always make sure to read its details carefully.
Some meetings are providing extra online-access, are already only meeting online or closed temporarily.
More info can be found on our information page on COVID-19.

Online Meetings

Be sure to check out our list of Online-Enabled Meetings, as many of Berlin IG’s regular meetings are providing online-access in parallel, or exclusively.

You also can join our regular daily & nightly online meeting.

Our meetings take place daily at the following Berlin time (CET):

To join any of our meetings on you can:

  • Simply click on the link from a computer
  • From a smartphone, you’ll need to download the free App “ZOOM Cloud Meetings”

Temporary Closures

Some meetings are closing their doors for a short time, and are neither providing online-access nor meeting in-person.

These are marked with an addendum “Temporary Closure”, and in the list they appear faded out.

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Notice

Notice: Legal Requirements as of Now

These are some of the legal requirements currently affecting our meeting schedules. Please read them and the guidance of AA service bodies carefully.

A ban on gatherings of 50 people and more is in effect as of Saturday via decree by the Berlin Senate.

Furthermore, to facilitate contact of people potentially at risk, all other gatherings are required to keep a written record of all attendees’ full identities, including at least given name, surname, home address and phone number of each person present. These records are to be kept for four weeks and shown to the health authorities (each borough’s Gesundheitsamt) on request.

Bei öffentlichen und nichtöffentlichen Veranstaltungen mit weniger als 50 Teilnehmenden hat der Veranstalter oder die Veranstalterin die anwesenden Personen in einer Anwesenheitsliste mit zu erfassen, die mindestens die folgenden Angaben enthalten muss: Vor- und Familienname, vollständige Anschrift und Telefonnummer. Die Anwesenheitsliste ist vom Veranstalter oder der Veranstalterin für die Dauer von vier Wochen nach Ende der Veranstaltung aufzubewahren und dem zuständigen Gesundheitsamt auf Verlangen vollständig auszuhändigen.

Der Senat von Berlin, 14.03.2020

Please follow guidance provided by AA service bodies on these matters.

Regarding Anonymity, Groups are encouraged to co-operate with medical authorities. Therefore if a member of a group is requested to supply names of members to relevant authorities to check who has been in contact with whom for tracking COVID 19 spread, it is suggested that the Group hold a conscience about the dissemination of Group member identities.

Alcoholics Anonymous Great Britain and English Speaking Continental Europe

Guidance on these Matters: CER and GSO Statements

Guidance has been published on the Coronavirus Disease and its impact on meeting schedules and availability.

All members and groups are advised to read and evaluate the suggestions outlined in the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Notice on the Continental European Region website and the link to GSO contained therewithin.

CER also has published guidance for meetings on how to temporarily move online.

Numerous AA meetings in Europe are temporarily suspended in response to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Fortunately, many groups are continuing to meet by moving to an online meeting format.

If your group decides to meet online whilst suspended, the following suggestions may be useful and help allow members, visitors and newcomers to access your meeting.

Alcoholics Anonymous Great Britain, Continental European Region